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Stromectol is the brand name of Ivermectin, a medication that is commonly used to treat various types of parasite infestations.
Another medication should ivermectin for sale not approved in the parasite transmission. Responsibly prescribing an approved medication for a novel, off label use requires that the physician reflect critically on the evidence that is available, seek input from knowledgeable colleagues or other medical professionals, and attend carefully to minimizing the risks to the patients.
Healthcare providers might use these drugs for COVID-19 patients as off label prescription use. Moreover, these drugs have limitations that need to be understood. The world is working to develop drugs for the SARS-CoV2 virus and COVID-19 disease, and the FDA is searching for a drug or combination that prove to be effective.
At the front are the people like Dr. Pierre Kory and the FLCCC, and their message trickles down to influencers, whose message makes its way to the back of the train, leading people to feel a false sense of protection against the disease, with some experiencing toxic effects from livestock-grade dewormer.
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